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VAT returns are now required to be sent to H M Revenue & Customs on-line.  Here at Cadwallader & Co LLP we are licensed agents who can send VAT Returns on-line on your behalf.

Simply let us have your books and records for the quarter in good time and we will ensure that the VAT deadlines are met.

We prepare quarterly and, in some cases monthly, VAT Returns for over 300 clients.  Each VAT period, we effectively carry out full accounts analysis from records supplied, ensuring we can deal with queries promptly and, at very little extra cost, prepare your full annual accounts by putting the VAT quarters together.

We have specialist bridging software to deal with the submission of VAT returns which is compliant for Making Tax Digital (MTD). Our staff can take the stress out of MTD and, if you wish, you can continue to to prepare your VAT records as you alway have done. We will then transfer your data into a format suitable for digital submission to H M Revenue & Customs.

If you require further specialist VAT advice, we are able to help in the following areas:

For further information please contact Emlyn Thomas or Simon Rivara on 01938 552625 or by email, emlyn.thomas@cadwalladerllp.co.uk, or simon.rivara@cadwalladerllp.co.uk.